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Spirits : Rum   Product type:  1L  Bottle          $14.95 Each   80 pf Puerto Rico

From Spirits                    
First Impression: Slightly sweetish, caramelized molasses, cinnamon, nutmeg, mace, allspice, backstopped with hints of tobacco, leather, barrel char and oak.
Taste: Dryish entry, some citrus, dried fruits and flower notes ,walnuts, persimmons, light body. Oak vanilla notes intermixed ginger, leather and tobacco. Nice drying finish to it. Finish is medium-long with a spicy dry tingling to the lips
Final Thoughts: A slight reminder  of Cuban rums, spicy and lighter body than South American rums but more body and complexity than a Puerto Rican rum. A somewhat complex rum with a pleasing dryness and interesting flavors.

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