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Spirits : Single Malt Scotch   Product type:  750ml  Bottle     Islay malt          $127.95 Each   86 pf Scotland

  THE NOSE:           The immediate nose is full of dark chocolate caramel. The peat and sherry smoke sits just behind giving the whisky an aromatic flair and accenting the richness of the chocolate scent. Dry fruit is evident in the form of prunes and raisins and there are even faint echoes of cherries in the breezes.       The taste:           The Bowmore 18 leads out with the rich taste of chocolate toffee which permeates all of the other flavours. The peat and sherry smoke flavours become evident immediately as they ride in the currents of that chocolate accenting the flavour with herbal tones from the peat and dry fruits (like raisins and prunes) from the sherry. The oak is making things just a little heated in the mouth but a strong undercurrent of sweetness works with this heat making everything taste delicious.                     

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