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Spirits : Tequila   Product type:  750ml  100 % Agave     Bottle          $43.99 Each   80 pf Mexico

A spirit that, upon first glance, is a silver tequila.  But really it’s a blend of Reposado, Añejo and Extra Añejo tequilas; the clarity is due to its unique filtering process, which strips the tequila of all color garnered from aging in oak casks.  What’s left is a crystal clear tequila belied by its rich, smooth taste.
On the nose, the tequila is very mellow and understated.  Agave comes through, more so after a swirl to open it up, without the heat and harshness expected from a silver tequila.  Of course, not being a silver tequila, Maestro Dobel has flavors imparted from oak casks, including a buttery, vanilla sweetness.  It’s not as vegetal as many tequilas, and it goes down smoothly, finishing with a bit of spice.

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