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01611 RI 1 RYE WHISKEY 92
Spirits : Whiskey   Product type:  750ml  Bottle          $47.95 Each   92 pf USA

r)1 Whiskey is the definition of ultra-premium rye whiskey and the measure by which
all others should be judged. Both striking and smooth, (r)1 beckons the senses to
take note of its slightly spicy, yet lighter rye flavor and its long, luxurious finish.
Nose the Aroma:
(Straight) A peppery nose that pleases and surprises; a gentle wake-up call for your senses

(Diluted) Dried fruit and cinnamon push the pepper to the background; a distinct, exciting preview
that suggests a distinct, exciting whiskey
Savor the Taste:
(Straight) Warm; fire on the edges of your tongue; honey flecked with pepper on the way down

(Diluted) Sweet and a bit fruity; mellow sophistication


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