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Spirits : Liqueurs   Product type:  750ml  Bottle     Herb          $44.99 Each     Austria
 Note: This is an Austrian Absinthe in the Bohemian style of Absinthe- which means it does not use much ( or emphasize ) anisette.                Taste: At full strength the tastes of anise, basil, wormwood, fennel, coriander, and a host of dry bitter herbs start first,while the wormwood goes for the middle and back puckering it with a bitter and drying sensation with the mint tickling the edges and hints of licorice. Finish is a bit hot ,herbal, and minty. Diluted down, it is much tamer with an interesting lighter style,very herbal in nature. While not as complex or layered as some, it has a unique profile and an alternative Absinthe for those who dislike the French style.If you want an intense herbal, almost bitters type intensity, this one is for you.
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