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Spirits : Vodka   Product type:  750ml  Bottle     Organic          $19.95 Each   80 pf USA

Another organic vodka has hit the market and this one is from the heartland of the United States. The fifth-generation of family distillers who run the Phillips Distilling Company have turned a new, green page with the recent release of Prairie Organic Vodka. This corn-based vodka is certified organic and kosher. All of the corn used in Prairie is grown by a co-op of 900 farmers in and around Benson, Minnesota where the vodka is produced. From the corn to the stills to the bottling, Prairie is organic and has reduced the environmental impact of production significantly.What about the spirit? It is pretty good and equal to its other premium, organic counterparts. This vodka is really lush, almost creamy and rich with a clean, corn flavor. Prairie is a great organic that works well in almost any vodka cocktail.The palate is exceptionally velvety and luscious with very warm tones, which are almost buttery. The finish is a long, smooth segue to the next sip with cracks of burnt corn.

Last Updated:2013-05-14 14:12:46