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Spirits : Liqueurs   Product type:  750ml  Aperitif     Misc          $24.99 Each   22 pf Italy
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 ****Highly Recommended, F.Pault Pacult (Spirit Journal): "The neon orange color is very pretty and ideally pure. Right out of the box the orange/tangerine/rhubarb aroma seduces the olfactory sense; more air contact stimulates the herbal/botanical aspects as the bouquet turns garden fresh, viny, grassy, and citrusy; this is a sophisticated and gentle aroma that I could sniff all day long. The palate entry is guardedly sweet and delightfully citrusy/fruity; the midpalate phase offers just enough herbal bitterness to balance the sweetness. Ends up refreshing, orangey sweet/ripe, and delectably herbal. A supremely mixable elixir (club soda, sparkling wine) that , if there is any justice, should become a favored pre-dinner quaff in aware US households and restaurants."
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