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Spirits : Brandy   Product type:  750ml  Bottle          $43.95 Each   80 pf USA
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Osocalis first public release is our Rare Alambic Brandy, a blend of Colombard, Pinot Noir, and other Coastal California grape varieties.

Osocalis is a small, artisanal distillery in Soquel, California. The name Osocalis is the original Native American name for Soquel, today part of the greater Santa Cruz area. We use a small (100 gallon) antique alambic Charentais still, imported from Cognac, to produce brandies using grapes and apples from the cooler coastal regions of California. We strive to produce products that have the length, elegance and finesse of Old World brandies, such as Cognac and Calvados, but with the fruit intensity and structure of California wines.

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