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Spirits : Pisco   Product type:  750ml  Pisco          $26.95 Each   80 pf Peru
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  Pisco is a form of brandy, in that it is distilled from grapes.   This brand comes from Peru and is made in one of the Western Hemispheres oldest alambic stills  and is made from a single variety - the non aromatic quebranta grape.
Taste: Nice oily entry with slight bite when drinking straight (as opposed to throat clutching, coughing etc., with the cheaper stuff). Nicely weighted body to it, with a slightly buttery mouth feel, nice tingle on the tongue.Savory, lime salt, brine, oily, grassy, some oak, pepper, lingering notes of tobacco (?). Medium-length finish. Paradoxically similar to a highland tequila but with a black grape finish.Wonderfully smooth and seductive.


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