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Spirits : Vodka   Product type:  750ml        $18.95 Each   80 pf Sweden
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Absolut Pears pear flavored vodka was introduced in 2007. The pear flavor is added to the vodka without any additional sugar--unusual for flavored vodkas. They suggest drinking on ice or with Sprite.
 The pear-infused spirit is delectable and elegant, remarkably similar in character to a fine poire eau-de-vie. Graced with an enticing bouquet and a crisp, cocktail-friendly flavor.

Made in ┼hus, Sweden, Absolut Vodkas are quadruple-distilled in continuous still from winter wheat and purified well water. To produce Absolut Pears, the vodka is run through the still along with an infusion of tender Anjou pears and all-natural ingredients. It contains no sugar or artificial flavorings and is bottled at 80-proof.  The lightweight, satiny textured vodka has a focused bouquet of sliced pears, a delightfully dry palate and a lingering, flavor-laden finish.

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