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Spirits : Rum   Product type:  750ml  Bottle          $14.95 Each   80 pf Belize
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Tasted straight, One Barrel is quite smooth without a "bite" to it. You can taste the memory of the molasses that was used to make the rum. The molasses flavor isn't overpowering, but it's there in the background. This makes the rum mix well with juices and colas, which are the most common mixers for rum drinks. The hint of molasses seems to "complete" the flavor of the mixers, actually improving the taste when compared to the mixer alone. To me, the finish is pleasant, with toffee and toasted cashew flavors in the profile. People who taste One Barrel rum usually end up being One Barrel drinkers, even if they hated rum before they tried this one.

Aged to perfection in Kentucky Oak Barrels for 12 months, One Barrel acquires a medium-body consistency characterized by smooth and distinct flavors. A softly sweet taste complements its bouquet of aromas to create an unforgettably palatable finish.

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