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Spirits : Vodka   Product type:  750ml  Bottle          $19.95 Each   80 pf Iceland
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A small batch and hand crafted at Iceland's only vodka distillery it is produced by using geothermal heat for distillation-making it about as eco-friendly as you can get. It also uses water directly from a 4,000 year old lava field to bring the vodka down to 80 proof (unlike many spirits these days they do not use distilled, deionized, designer water). The water is considered so good it is sold as bottled water by itself.Taste: Slightly oily mouth feel on the tongue, mild bite to it on the edges of your tongue. Very nice grain tast with a fleeting sweetness, after a start almost as dry as a extra brut champagne, turning a touch sweet, then to a drier, long finish.
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