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Wines : Champagne   Product type:  750ml.  Bottle          $64.99 Each     France
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Veuve Cliquot Rose


This wine has a luminous colour with radiant rose accents. The nose is elegant and generous, with initial aromas of fresh red fruit (raspberry, wild strawberry, cherry and

blackberry) leading to dried fruits and biscuit notes (almonds, apricots and brioche).

On the palate, the fresh first impression is followed by a fruity harmonious sensation. In line with the style of Veuve Clicquot House, the wine is perfectly balanced and combines elegance and personality. The wine works it magic-this delectable champagne is beautifully ample and full of charm. It is delicious wine in early bloom, a Rose with character, wonderful as an aperitif to be shared as a twosome or with dear friends.


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