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Spirits : Vodka   Product type:  750ml  Bottle     Kosher          $18.95 Each   120 pf USA
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Everclear is one of the world’s strongest, most alcoholic beverages. This liquor is classified officially as vodka.Everclear is completely clear in color and pours from the bottle as a rather lightweight, runny liquid. The aroma is only slight, with the smell of alcohol coming through if you inhale deeply enough.As far as the taste goes, well, the people who claim Everclear doesn’t have any taste at all are wrong. It has a little bit of taste, and it could be described as (what else?) alcoholic and extremely dry.Everclear is very strong but if used responsibly, it can come in handy when making an alcoholic fruit punch because a small amount will go a long way.Everclear doesn’t really have any other taste. It just takes the flavor characteristics of the mixer, assumes their characteristics, and adds lots of alcohol to them.Overall, Everclear is a very srong, very potent grain alcohol that has limited use and should only be consumed by those who are ready to accept the consequences.
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