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Spirits : Liqueurs   Product type:  750ml  Creme     Fruit          $23.95 Each   40 pf France

Guyot Creme De Cassis

Founded in Dijion in 1845 by Jean-Batiste L'Heritier and his wife Claudine Guyot, the House of L'Heritier-Guyot produces the largest-selling Creme de Cassis de Dijion in the world. Thus, the stringent selection of exclusively French blackcurrants, the slow cold maceration, the decanting process which purifies the proiduct after sugaring make this authentic Creme de Cassis de Dijion the ideal partner for fine white wines and Champagnes.

Imported by: Sole U.S. Importers Kobrand Corp.- New York, NY.

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