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Spirits : Tequila   Product type:  750ml  Anejo          $17.95 Each   80 pf Mexico
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Sauza Conmemorativo


Intense taste and subtle color from 18 months in oak Bourbon casks. Because of its distinctive flavor, Conmemorativo is more suited to those consumers who prefer a stronger tequila taste or for more robust margarita and cocktail recipes. It is the perfect accompaniment to Mexican cuisine.  Color~Genuine gold. Aroma~ a harmonious blend of citrus, pepper, salt brine, caramel and toasted oak. Body~Full, round and smooth. Taste~ Classic oak-aged tequila; smooth vanilla and authentic agave. Finish~Smooth vanilla sweetness in balance with light citrus, oak and a salty tingle. Award~ Silver Medal-2004 International Review of Spirits.


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