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Spirits : The Vault   Product type:  750ml  Highland     Sherry cask ageing     Speyside          $319.99 Each   86 pf Scotland
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Macallan 18 Yr

The Macallan is one of the finest single malts in the world, with an aged range for all occasions, all matured exclusively in sherry casks.  The Macallan's benchmark excellence is nowhere more evident than in the 18 Years Old expression. Light Mahogany color. Dried fruits and ginger with hints of citrus, vanilla and cinnamon. Rich dried fruits, spice, clove, orange and wood smoke. Full dried fruits and sweet toffee, with a hint of ginger and wood smoke finish.  Voted best whisky in the world by Whisky Magazine in 2004 and Winner of Gold Medal at the International Spirits Challenge awards.

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