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Spirits : Tequila   Product type:  750ml  100 % Agave     Blanco     Bottle     Mezcal          $94.99 Each   84 pf Mexico

All our mezcales are “Jovenes” (in Tequilaspeak: “Blanco”). This allows the mezcal to be tasted and felt without the interference of any wood.             A wild agave, the Madre Cuishe tends to grow in and populate low-lying areas in the Central Valleys of Oaxaca, which have volcanic terrain, warmer temperatures and generally drier conditions. Consequently, the flavors tend to have a more savory minerality with drier character and an earthy snap. Our Madre-Cuishe™ series captures the uniqueness of this agave. As it enters your mouth it slowly and delicately evolves and develops in your mouth, exposing its earthy, citrus tones first to the tip of your tongue and later to the roof of your mouth and up back into the nose. Its long finish allows the memory to remain for some time.


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