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Spirits : Tequila   Product type:  750ml  100 % Agave     Bottle     Mezcal          $94.99 Each   80 pf Mexico

 As you raise the glass close to your nose, the aroma is 100% Tobalá with its distinctive floral expression. As you sip and swish it around, it continues to take the characteristics of a Tobalá, with the distinguishable explosion of floral and herbaceous flavors that expand into every corner and crevice in your mouth Suddenly and without warning, the taste clearly transforms into a Madre Cuishe, which is characterized by earth flavors, mineral tones and citrus. 

The Wahaka Ensamble is a supreme mix of our best varieties. The unique mixture can be found with no other brand, which gives it a one-of-kind taste.

All our mezcales are “Jovenes” (in Tequilaspeak: “Blanco”). This allows the mezcal to be tasted and felt without the interference of any wood.

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