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Spirits : Tequila   Product type:  750ml  100 % Agave     Anejo     Bottle          $67.95 Each   80 pf Mexico

Double Distillation, Made with mature agaves that are more than 8 yeas of age, from the High Mountain Region of Mazamitla Jalisco
Bottle: Handcrafted crystal bottle with a brown tint, featuring a unique artisinal medallion in the center of the bottle and an artisinal braided rope around the neck.
Color: golden amber with brilliant tones and gold highlights.
Aroma: Very balanced aromas of oak and cooked agave, with touched of honey and vanilla standing out.
Body: Rich silky well balanced body, with long pronounced legs, and a sleek texture on the palate.
Taste: Delicate spices and vanilla lead to a long finish of dried fruits and oak.

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