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Spirits : Gin   Product type:  750ml  Bottle          $45.95 Each   114 pf USA

One of the more popular distilleries in Colorado is Denver based Leopold Bros. Their American Small Batch Gin, considered one of the best micro-distillery gins in America, recently got a navy strength sibling.
Leopold's Navy Strength American Gin is no slouch of a gin, bottled at 57% ABV. It probably really isn't considered a sipper, being more likely something you'd want to dilute in cocktails with juices, tonics or other elements.
This navy strength offering is said to have twice the juniper and a much larger amount of citrus compared to the original. The distillery noted on its Facebook page that its process of distilling each botanical really shines in this gin, giving it a roundness and mild sweetness that one doesn't find in London Drys.

Last Updated:2012-07-26 15:05:12