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Spirits : Cognac   Product type:  750ml  Bottle          $39.99 Each   80 pf France

 Rémy Martin V is a 100% grape eau-de-vie (water of life) from the House of Rémy Martin. Rémy Martin V is not a cognac, it is a completely new clear spirit that has created its own category.The new spirit masterfully blends the savoir faire and the aromatic richness of the Rémy Martin House with the smoothness and mixability of a clear spirit. The exclusively crafted Rémy Martin V, is not a cognac. Rather than aged in oak barrels - the final step in the cognac making process - the liquid goes through a proprietary 14F (-10C) ice cold filtration process, giving it is brilliant transparent color, unique aroma and subtle taste with hints of pear and fresh mint.

Fruity notes: fresh fruity notes, hints of crisp grapes, pear and nuances of melon.
Floral notes: nuances of fresh mint


FINISH: Balanced subtle finish. Although delightful on its own, ice cold or over ice, it was born to be mixed. It is simply perfect with any mixer or prepared into any cocktail

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