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Spirits : Vodka   Product type:  750ml  Flavored          $25.99 Each   80 pf Poland

Taste: Cinnamon,a wallop of cardamom,honey,and citrus all in a big rush, sweet and oily on the tongue, thick body, with high aromatic citrus notes playing off against the initial mouthfeel. The citrus notes cut the thickness down and coat the tongue in a nice way with all the botanicals. A very slight warming of alcohol as it goes down the throat, It is beguilingly smooth stuff: with lingering warmth and tingle to the lips and the long lingering oily finish.

Final Thoughts: An excellent value for the money - less than the price of some of the fashion victim flavored vodkas and it has real taste to it. The fear of flavor crowd will hate this vodka. People who embrace flavor will love it. A vodka yhat a gin drinker can warm up to. An aggressively different vodka - in a good way!

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