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Spirits : Whiskey   Product type:  750ml        $35.99 Each     Canada

Nose: A rich and complex interplay of butterscotch and maple fudge with crème brulée, vanilla pudding, earthy rye grain, glimmering rye spices, and vaguely herbal overtones. Just slightly dusty and hard as wet slate before it begins to unfold layers of cereal mash, complex floral fragrances, raisins and prunes.

Palate: Decadent butterscotch, maple syrup, burned sugar, and French vanilla custard balance fresh tart lime juice, rosewater, and toasted grain. Zesty limes brace the palate for glowing peppery heat, spicy ginger, and the hot-cold luxury of moist menthol tobacco that soon evolves into Canada balsam, pitchy pine sawdust, and charred firewood. Elements of fragrant pipe tobacco meld with sweet dark fruits. It’s as sweet as cherry bourbon but with a spicy rye kick. Fresh, vibrant, bright, and weighty.

Finish: Finishes slowly and cleanly with navel oranges, canned pears, pink grapefruit pith and lingering pepper. Maybe just an inkling of peaches surface just as it tails off.

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