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Spirits : Tequila   Product type:  750ml  Anejo             80 pf Mexico
THE WORLD’S FIRST AÑEJO CLARO TEQUILA.For this new añejo claro,they take the  aged añejo and then filter it in a special process that restores the agave flavors that are typically muted during the aging process. The result is a clear añejo tequila that has qualities and flavors of both an añejo and a blanco.The Don Julio 70 starts with notes of raw agave and pepper. There’s some citrus that’s slight, and because it’s an añejo, it maintains  the smoothness and that part of the wood that gives it almonds and vanilla, milk and dark chocolate. Some of the honey is gone, but it’s replaced with those wonderful raw and cooked agave blanco flavors that come back.
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