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Spirits : Whiskey   Product type:  375ml        $14.99 Each   125 pf USA
This is the distillate that comes off the still at Buffalo Trace at barrel strength .They use corn, rye and barley in a bourbon mashbill (recipe) as a base and rather than age it, bottle it directly to preserve the full on white whiskey taste First Impression: Unmistakably corn whiskey. Fragrant corn smell, but less sweet than a number of others. The rye in particular lends a in turns sour, sweet, and spicy underlayment for the bouquet.
Taste: Sweet, spicy smooth start, mellow mouthfeel, to it. Sweeter than a number of other corn whiskies but balanced out with a heavy spice of rye and earthy barley notes to give depth and complexity. Slight drying corn meal notes and tingling at midpoint of the tongue. Finish is medium short , quite smooth (especially for 125 proof) with a warming glow. A very skillful blending of grains to make a harmonious and tasty whiskey.This is particularly difficult as this is a young, naked whiskey, it can't hide behind wood aging.A very complex white whiskey with outstanding taste and smoothness. Highly reccomended as an addtion to both your mixing and whiskey cabinet.
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