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Spirits : Whiskey   Product type:  750ml        $33.95 Each   84 pf USA

Ransom Winery and Distillery makes the Whipper Snapper whiskey by selecting and milling their own grain and making "ruthless cuts" at the still, taking only the "very best fraction of distillate" prior to aging. The name is an homage to a character they describe as "a young, impertinent person, generally lacking in respect for the elders, but who also has an excess of ambition." They grain content is said to be similar in profile to a bourbon but with a barley content as well. The barley is grown in Oregon's Willamette Valley and mixed with Kentucky corn whiskey. Along with oak aging, there is some resting done in pinot noir barrels as well.

In their 2011 review, Wine Enthusiasts said this was "a real live-wire of a whiskey."

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