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Spirits : Gin   Product type:  750ml        $39.95 Each   87 pf England
To produce Fifty Pounds, a neutral flavoured grain (wheat) spirit is used as the base and the botanicals are
steeped in this alcohol for at least two days. After this time the spirit is again slowly distilled in a hundred year-old John Dore & Co still (known as the Rolls Royce of stills). The master distiller subsequently throws away the heads and tails and saves just the heart; after this, the fundamental step of letting the liquid rest for at least three weeks takes place which allows the resulting alcohol and flavour to integrate properly   
The base grain spirit has been distilled 4 times, to make it as neutral as possible, but Fifty Pounds Gin is then
distilled just once, in contact with distilled botanicals. If the resulting liquor was distilled a second time the
natural botanical oils would be lost, making it more difficult to recognise their characters in the Gin.
Fifty Pounds incorporates ‘8+3’ botanicals. The first eight are the classics: juniper, angelica root, coriander,
liquorice root, grains of paradise, lemon and orange rind, and the herb savoury. The remaining 3 form the
Fifty Pounds ‘secret recipe’. They are botanicals from across several continents.                                     
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