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Spirits : Single Malt Scotch   Product type:  750ml        $49.95 Each   96 pf Scotland
Glen Garioch is currently owned by Morrison Bowmore, which is a subsidiary of the Japanese company Suntory.        The Founder's Reserve is amber gold in colour and the nose is initially intense and punchy. There is strong malty cereal and some raw spirit, before the nose begins to soften and reveal some lovely aromas - caramel/burnt sugar, vanilla, coconut, dried fruits (especially sultanas), some woody spicy nutmeg and just a hint of citrus. On the palate, this feels thick and coats the inside of the mouth, starting off sweetly before becoming drier. The sweetness has butterscotch, vanilla and dried fruit notes to it and these are joined by the drier elements - lots of malty cereal grains, a distinct spiciness  and the tiniest hint of some peaty smoke. The finish has a decent length which has the butterscotch and dried fruit sweetness but also has some peppery spiciness, more maltiness and a tart, sharp spirity nature to it.
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