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Spirits : Whiskey   Product type:  750ml        $27.95 Each   90 pf Canada
Palate: Very sweet and peppery. It begins on dark rum then becomes more Bourbon like, with some charcoal, followed by copious vanilla, loads of hot white pepper, chili pepper that stays hot on the tongue, and some ginger. Hints of rye spices, nice bitter orange and a slight astringency come out in the middle. Then, it becomes spicy and fizzy, like ginger ale. Rich, robust, and creamy, with hints of black fruit and late on some Smith’s Bros. licorice cough drops. Really nice weight. The rum/molasses notes make it seem just a bit candied, which will appeal to some palates more than others.Although it is blended and bottled in Canada, Crown Royal Black is exclusive to the US market.Highly recommended.
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