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Spirits : Rum   Product type:  750ml        $29.95 Each   80 pf Dominican Republic

The rum made its debut in South Florida and the Dominican Republic in October 2008, has already been described and praised by top spirits connoisseurs as "delicious, unlike anything else on the market" and a "Rum Masterpiece."The process for Atlantico Rum begins with handpicking the finest small batched aged rums in the Dominican. Once selected, the rums are blended together and placed in small bourbon barrels (private casks) and aged again for 1 to 2 years.This "marrying" process allows the different rums to interact with one another and produce a more complex spirit. Next, the rum is removed from the private casks and placed into another set of barrels and aged again for 15 to 25 years using the complex solera method further developing and enhancing the flavour, resulting in a final product that is incredibly complex and smooth.

Voted best Solera Rum in the world. Golden Barrel awards 2010.

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