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Spirits : Whiskey   Product type:  750ml  Bottle          $64.95 Each   92 pf USA

Rendezvous Rye is a marriage of two exotic straight rye whiskies—one old, and one young. It joins the rich aromatic qualities of a 16-year-old rye with the bold spicy properties of 6-year-old rye to create a full flavored, very complex whiskey.

Both contain higher rye content in their mashbills than almost any other rye whiskey you can buy today. While most of today’s rye whiskeys are “barely legal”, with 51-53% rye in the mashbill, our 16-year old whiskey contains 80% rye, and our 6-year-old boasts an uncommonly high 95% rye.

High West does not chill filter, as we prefer to retain the whiskey’s natural oils that contribute flavor, texture, and a lingering finish we really enjoy. If you see a harmless “haze”, rejoice! Just swirl the bottle and the haze will go away – what it contributes will remain.

Last Updated:2021-05-31 11:43:01