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Spirits : Liqueurs   Product type:  750ml  Bottle          $32.95 Each   52 pf England

Taste: Thick jam like entry and smooth. A bracing mixture of juniper, citrus and the other spices rush headlong through the palate leaving a warm oily wake, mild tingling on the lips and tongue and hints of juniper, citrus and cardamom. Very clean, with a very interesting mixture of herbs and citrus notes. Slight warming burn on the way down. Finish is creamy, long, and quite pleasant.
This is one of the few decent sloe gins out there. Made from sloe berries, a relative of plums and also called the blackthorn, sloe berries are quite astringent when fresh. Unlike the bulk of Sloe Gins out there today, Plymouth Sloe Gin is made from an excellent gin base and fresh sloe berries.

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