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Spirits : Liqueurs   Product type:  750ml  Fruit          $27.95 Each   48 pf Italy
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Luxardo Limoncello

An authentic Italian lemon liqueur. This is an extremely popular liqueur in Italy.

"The see-through, chrome yellow/green color is brilliant; the initial nosing pass finds fresh, bitterly sour scents of lemon -- By the final nosing a savory aroma of lemon zest comes to the forefront of the aromatic experience and takes the wheel. The palate entry is delightfully lemony/citrusy sour and quite viscous to the touch. The midpalate carries the zestiness to the back of the tongue where a sweetness enchants the taste buds; the aftertaste is long, lemony, and sweet/sour."


F. Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal


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