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Spirits : Whiskey   Product type:  750ml  Bottle          $23.95 Each   90 pf Ireland
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Bunratty Potcheen


Bunratty Potcheen(Clear Spirit), is the first since it was banned to be legally produced and bottled in Ireland. Originally distilled for its smooth extra strong sensation, you can now taste and recreate this Celtic magic with Bunratty Potcheen. It was a truely spiritual deed of the Irish long ago, when they trapped the purity and magic of nature to create, from sunshine and rain in the mountains and valleys, the most natural and original treasured Irish Spirit "Potcheen".

It's unique distinctive taste, is dry and grainy with a delightfully changing aftertaste that sweetens as it develops. Also known as Moonshine or Mountain Dew, Potcheen is a fiery tipple.


For more details visit:


Bunratty Winery's website.


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