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Spirits : Whiskey   Product type:  750ml  Bottle          $19.99 Each   80 pf USA

Jacobís Ghost  is a white whiskey with a twist. Made from the same mashbill as Jim Beamís white label, this isnít white dog bottled right off the still. Instead, itís aged in barrel for a full year, then filtered to get most of the color out of it.

That year really makes all the difference. The burly petrol notes of true white dog are mellowed out, leaving behind a smoother white whiskey than you might be accustomed to.

The nose offers few clues. Very sweet, itís got a distinct marshmallow character to it. Touches of oak, but very mild on the nose.

The body follows suit: Big marshmallow notes. Sugar and vanilla all the way, with just a touch of corn ó think Fritos ó on the finish. Everything youíre expecting in a white whiskey is simply not present here. No roughness, no vegetal notes, no fire water.This is a very young, and very sweet whiskey,

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