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Spirits : Whiskey   Product type:  750ml        $32.99 Each   92 pf USA

Corsair Artisan Distillery is a small-batch, hand-crafted spirits company making "just a few cases at a time." Their copper still is from 1920 and holds a mere 240 gallons.
Wry Moon Unaged Whiskey is--of course--unaged, which technically makes it moonshine (though legal) or "white dog" or even "white lightning." The adjectives refer to the clear color of the whiskey that never has a chance to gain any color from aging in oak.            Notes: Unaged Kentucky Whiskey Pot Distilled from Malted Rye.
Color: Clear
Nose: Grainy yet smooth. Corn and rye.
Taste: Touch of sweetness and rounded. Much better than many unaged whiskeys.
Finish: Nice balance of grain and sweetness

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