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Spirits : Whiskey   Product type:  750ml        $19.95 Each   80 pf Canada
The most interesting feature of this whisky palate is a refreshing bitterness which combines hints of lime peel, citric pith, bitter lemon soda, and something reminiscent of tonic water. Just little hints of red cedar bounce off the dominating peppery notes. In the end, this is not so much a complex whisky as a complicated one. It is quite flavourful, although as a sipper it has some watery patches, but these would never be noticed in a mixed drink. What starts out simple and a bit thin improves significantly as the body develops substantial weight thus improving the overall enjoyment of the whisky. As well as substance, the body has lots of texture, including a slight oily-waxy feel, a slight mealiness, and a touch of tannic grip.
Royal Canadian Small Batch, the mixing whisky, serves as the entry point to Sazeracís new range of premium and ultra-premium Canadians.
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